Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chelsea Wilson Bridals!

Ok, so I actually took these back in January, but I am just now getting them posted. Cut me some slack - i'm only about 2 weeks behind since the wedding wasn't until Feb 27th. I'm sure you are use to seeing Chelsea pictures on here by now (if you're a newbie, Chelsea is my little sister). The wedding was AMAZIN - and Chelsea was just simply gorgeous. She was also cool as a cucumber the day of - it was making me nervous how calm she was being. Did I mention we are polar opposites in this area? I was nervous and it wasn't even my wedding! I could go on and on about how beautiful my sister is, but i'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Once again - be prepared for quite a few favs - it's my blog so i'll post as many as I want k? k! :)


Ok so these were some of my favorites, but this LAST one - oh my heavens, im in love with it!

Also, on a side note - I see i'm getting lots of traffic on here, but never hear from anyone visiting! Please if you are stopping by I would love to hear from you! I love comments! ;)



  1. Steph, these photos are breathtaking. Not just because Chelsea is stunning, but your ability to capture perfect lighting in a picture is amazing! What a gift you have. I"m trying to learn. Please send helpful hints anytime!! love you and miss you.

  2. These are amazing! How awesome for Chelsie to have such a talented sister, makes these photos that she will hold so dear all the more precious because she will remember the fun that you had taking them. Get in some pics yourself Stephanie, you are gorgeous :)