Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Me

OK just imagine me right now with a "Deer in the headlights look" that is exactly how I'm feeling. I LOVE writing blogs about others, but writing one - a completely raw, real emotion one about myself? *Shudder* Please do not take me writing this as a sign of me being conceited or trying to be flashy - this is actually so humbling. The reason I am doing this is for two reasons...

1. Saturday marks my first of hopefully several "Women Only Sessions" - I have these amazing women signed up for this thing and am so excited and proud of them - cause lets be REAL honest - its hard for women to just be gutsy enough to go get their picture done of just themselves. So I started thinking and thought "well how freakin dare I ask these women to do this, when I would cry if I had to be on that side of the camera." hahah Funny - but seriously. So I decided I must do this - because how can I encourage someone to do this when I'm not even sure I would be brave enough to do it? But then....

2. I really started feeling like maybe part of the reason God laid a session like this on my heart is to open my eyes to some things - maybe I have a story that needs to be told. Maybe I need to see myself as others see me...

Gosh did I mention how awkward this is writing about myself? I have left and come back to this post at least 5 times already.

SO I called my cousin Lesley and my sister Chelsea and made them join me for a photo shoot - at first they were kindof  less than thrilled but we ended up having the BEST time - it had been awhile since I had laughed like that and felt so good about myself. It really made me even MORE excited about Saturday!

So below are some of the pictures - and even some of the questions I will be asking these women on Saturday.

What do you feel is your best feature?
hmm..I would have to say my eyes and of course my sarcastic, kick butt personality! ha

What achievement in your life has made you most proud of yourself? 
as corney as it may sound -  I would have to say doing photography - something I always loved, but never gave 100% to until recently.

 Tell me 3 quirks about you:

1. Whenever I think there is a burglar or something in my house, backseat of my car, etc... I talk to them and say things like "I know you are in there - I'm not scared of you - Ive already called the cops" even though there is never anyone there it just makes me feel better! hahaha

2. I suffer with road rage.

3. I have an abnormal fear of stuff - like clowns, haunted houses, mice, and the theme song from Cheers always makes me feel nervous.

If you could tell the world one thing about what you have learned in life, what would you want us to know?

This is actually something I am learning in life... That more than likely your life plan may not always turn out the way you imagined, sometimes it will be better and sometimes worse. I never thought I would be actually following my heart and doing something I absolutely LOVE (photography) - its amazing! On the other hand, many of you may not know this, but I have had two miscarriages. Infertility is something I think about on a daily basis. Some days I cant help but cry my eyes out at the thought of never becoming a mom. I never understood the pain women with infertility issues dealt with until Ive had it slap me in the face as well. Its always bitter sweet hearing about someone else becoming pregnant or having to attend another baby shower. Its sometimes hard not to become so angry or question God when you see parents who don't cherish their children or take care of them the way they deserve. But I am learning how to cope with that heart ache and view this circumstance differently than I have before. These pictures will always remind me of this time in my life - this growing period. The other parts of my life that are so exciting. The last year of me being in my 20's (UGH!!!) and the reminder that I am beautiful and sometimes deserve to remind myself of that ;)

And let me just say - I apologize if you found this blog a little too open or if it made you feel uncomfortable - but I am who I am - you can take it or leave it, but I hope you will see this entry as it was meant to be - a little glimpse into my heart ;)



I will be posting Chelseas and Lesleys pics soon - and of course Ill have some sneaks up next week of the mini session!


  1. What a great post. I wanted to say I am so sorry about the miscarriages. I cannot imagine the pain and loss, and I pray God would heal your heart and bless you to become a mom.

    Love the pics. You really look like your mom in the last one. :)

  2. Girl I love your pics! Your post is amazing! I love that you can sit there be so honest. This session is a God. You will begin to see and hear many stories of ladies that just need to feel loved & pretty about who they are and not just what they can do. You have made my mind race with photo session ideas now. ;) love ya

  3. I had never read the older posts on your blog. THis one made me feel a closness to you, and gave me even more respect for you (which I didnt know was possible). You are an amazing woman. Tears came to my eyes as you poured out your heart in this blog. I praise God for you and your heart. I am so thankful to know you. You hav been a huge inspiration to me. "Father in Heaven, Thank you for this wonderful & beautiful woman. Thank you for her heart. I pray that you keep her close to you, and that your will be done in her life. Amen*